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Welcome To refBitcoin

refBitcoin is simple Marketing Network started on 2019/9/26.
We own advertising and PTP networks, such as Traffic2Bitcoin since 2016/5/18, to help our new project with products.
We offer Free Lifetime Income while buying advertising or products, for both Investors and Advertisers.

  • Buy Ads and Get Money Back!
  • Free Shares while Buying Ads
  • Lifetime Income from Your Shares
  • No Referrals Required
  • Promote Your Website (Banner / PTP)
  • %50 Money-Back From Your Referrals
  • %40 Money-Back from Site Sales
  • Daily Free Faucet

  • Join Our Network, Advertise & Get Lifetime Income!

    The sooner you join, The more income you'll receive, Because you'll get paid from ALL sales after you.




    Free daily faucet to claim banner credits and bitcoins. Your can promote your site and earn bitcoin for Free everyday! Simple advertising panel for easy ad management. Your ads will be approved and published instantly into our +600 publishers. Receive shares while buying ads. Shares will give you lifetime income. You don't need to invite any referral.

    Share Rewards System

    Shares will give you lifetime income when we have sales on site. You don't have to referr others.
    We are paying back %40 from all purchases to our members depending on shares they have.

    If you want to referr others (not required) you will get %50 guaranteed from your referrals sales.

    The sooner shares buyer, the more income will receive.
    As long sooner share holders will have income from all next products purchases.

    There is no income limit or expire time for shares.
    That means you will get back more than your invested money on the site by the time.

    Example for Share Reward :
    Average share price : 0.001 btc
    If you have 3 shares and we sold 1000 shares after you (no need to be your referral. just anyone) :

    You will get Earning Per Share x3 (number of your shares) x1000 (shares purchased by others) =
    = 0.07058824 btc will be your income from selling 1000 shares only.

    Shares Stats
    Total Network Sold Shares : 17 | Unique Investors : 11 Members

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